Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to repeal the misnamed and misguided Louisiana Science Education Act through Louisiana’s Legislature.

We pledge to organize Louisiana’s students, scientists, clergy, teachers, and business leaders in support of repealing the Louisiana Science Education Act.

We will send letters and petitions to the legislature in support of repealing the Louisiana Science Education Act.

We will organize campaigns to call our legislators to convince them that the Louisiana Science Education Act needs to be repealed.

We will fight to make sure Louisiana’s public school students are taught proper science that will get them jobs!

4 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Jeff Foster says:

    Thank you Zack!

    This country needs more young people like you who are concerned about the state of science education and are willing to take a stand!

    Religious indroctrination of children by parents will continue to be a retarding agent in our advancement of scientific knowledge, but at least real science in the classroom can make a difference and maybe open some eyes. Evolution is the foundational principle of biology and must be taught if we are to compete in the world market of tomorrow.

    Academic freedom is great on the university level, but K12 teachers do not have the right to introduce their religious bias into the public classrooms.

    Thanks a million for your efforts!

  2. justturned60 says:

    Your mission and your commitment made my day. To know that you also have so many supporters even make it better.
    I hope your endeavor and the logic of science win over the superficial ideology of creationism around the country and around the globe.
    You speak your “reasonable” mind.
    Good going!

  3. Tonya Aron says:

    Zack you give me hope about humanity actually having a chance. You are an outstanding young man – you have my vote as the next President of USA. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

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