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The Louisiana Science Education Act should be repealed, to learn more about why the LSEA should be repealed, read this Fact Sheet

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  1. Harry Young says:

    Great going! I have a BS in aeronautical engineering and a MS in physics, so I’m pretty well read. Even if it was from decades ago. I live in rural Louisiana just north of New Orleans, and for too long we’ve been the laughing stock of America. I grew up in NYC back in the 50’s, and received a better education 50 years ago, then what’s presently possible in Louisiana today. Most people who live here are unaware, how poorly the rest of the US views us and rightly so. We currently have the worst batch of politicians, both state and federal representing us and I don’t expect too much improvement. Where I live, the bible thumpers have taken over in recent years. Religion is now a litmus test one must pass, before anyone runs for office.

  2. Zack,

    All too often, people start getting into debates about the “facts” of evolution. All too often, I find that most of it is spent correcting a horribly flawed caricature of evolution that the deniers seem to have. As such, I have put up some web pages that should hopefully help in dismantling some of those misconceptions. Feel free to send people to this web page:

    Facts, not Fantasy on Evolution

    Creationists, Read This!

    Thank you for all you do!

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