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  • 78 Nobel Laureates have endorsed the repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act.  77 signed a letter to the Louisiana Legislature in support of the repeal.  The 78th is Dr. John Sulston’s independent endorsement.
  • Prominent scientists have endorsed the repeal:
    • Dr. Francisco Ayala
    • Dr. Niles Eldredge
    • Dr. Susan Epperson
    • Dr. Kenneth Miller
    • Dr. Neil Shubin
    • Dr. John Sulston (2002 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine)
    • Dr. Tim White
  • Dr. Paul Gross and Dr. Lawrence Lerner issued statements in support of the repeal.


  • The city of New Orleans.  The city council voted unanimously (7-0) in support of repealing the Louisiana Science Education Act.


Organizations of Educators:

National Science Organizations:

48 Responses to Endorsements and Letters

  1. Andre Hamilton says:

    You are doing a great job in the battle to halt the dumbing down of the US… keep it up!

  2. Jay says:

    I agree with the person above. The “dumbing down” of America must end!! Keep fighting!!!

  3. GabrielKnight says:

    This country needs more people (perhaps especially the next generation) who engage in critical thinking and are willing to challenge those who rely on ignorance and fear as a way to power — if you’re ever thinking of running for public office, I should hope that you have “millions” to Bachman’s “hundreds” that will support you !

  4. Rob Jackson says:

    Hello from the UK! I offer you my support – anything I can do to publicise and help your campaign, just let me know. I’m following you on Twitter and will RT your tweets.

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  6. Thiago Gimenes says:

    Congratulations for the effort to banish creationism off the classrooms! This is a good fight and worth every drop of sweat…

    Thank you for help thinking!

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  19. Gabriela M says:

    You’re doing something very significant for your state! That’s awesome. You’re a super inspiring youth leader and you’re a great role model for our generation. Keep at it! Greetings from Canada 🙂
    PS: You should seriously consider applying for the Rhodes Scholar award. You seem like the type and it would seriously help with your cause!

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  21. Lauren says:

    I just read the article about what they’re teaching; I felt physically ill. If I didn’t fear expulsion, I would love to be in that class – and drown the teacher in proof that they’re spouting utter baloney. I applaud everything you’re doing; if I were facing an “education” like this, I would move to a different country altogether. Keep fighting!

  22. grant says:

    Great job after all the idiots and mentally unstable America had on the media campaigning for a world where reason and facts are ignored finally someone with the capacity and willing is trying to change it and stop the spread of idiocy.

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  24. J.O. Nazareth says:

    Hey there, I have been reading this article on io9.com and I still have tears in my eyes. Tears of laughter that is.
    ‘The Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution.’
    I’m from Holland, so I’m not used to this level of retardation. At first I thought this was a hoax, a fake article posted by some troll. But it isn’t. This is really real. I support your cause, and I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but I just can’t help it. The fact that you actually have to fight this cause is hilarious, let alone the claims being made by the other party. (They actually think humans and dinosaurs co-existed!!!) I hate bashing religious people (lies, I love it) but this is just asking for it.

    • John Fourteen-Six says:

      Actually DNA, not Nessie, disproves evolution as well as the exclusive chirality of amino acids (all left-handed) used to produce the proteins in our DNA. DNA – an abstract programming language – cannot come about by random chance, as any programmer will tell you. (Note the word “programmer”). DNA as a programming construct is completely arbitrary, as arbitrary as “1 if by land & 2 if by sea” or “C/C++” or “PHP”, etc. But continue in ignorance & continue your “good fight” against truth – for the day is fast coming when the absolute truth will be unveiled – and the whole earth will mourn over her error. Rev 1:7. Or better, man up & follow the evidence wherever it leads – even if it leads to its author. Believe me, this generation will have the least excuse of ignorance than any who came before it.

      • Sarah-Frances says:

        Whatever the stance on evolution, we cannot allow this to be taught in school as science. This child IS fighting the good fight. We, as followers of Christ, have NOTHING to fear from the field of science. My faith and trust in the Lord tells me that any real, correctly implemented science will (eventually) bring us to our author and creator. But we must teach science as science and religion/spirituality as religion/spirituality. Otherwise we make both meaningless. Pray on this, please. Ask for His guidance. He doesn’t wish for us to force others to our beliefs. That is human arrogance in the extreme; it has nothing to do with the good fight. I’ll be praying for you in this; I’d ask that you do the same for me. ~ Sarah-Frances

  25. Mike Jones says:

    Outstanding work! It’s a shame that we’re in the 21st century but so many people still need to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the 18th.

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  27. Kenzie says:

    Such an inspiration! Keep up the good work.

  28. Eric "The Great" Scanlan says:

    The issues to which we say, “this should not be a fight,” are often those that call for the greatest fighters. You, Mr. Kopplin, are a great fighter. And your battle could not be more critical. Georgia’s move is seen by many of rational mind as, “incredulous”, “ludicrous”, or “idiotic”, but, more to the point, it is dangerous. For the very reality we occupy to be defined, not by 1,000’s of years of meticulous, scrutinized exploration, but by the opinion of a group of people, is the root of dystopia. History is rife with examples of large-scale atrocities rooted in large numbers of people who allowed their reality to be determined by some opinion rather than fact.

    You are doing us a great service, sir. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Eric "The Great" Scanlan says:


      Apologies. I was recently composing an essay related to Georgia. It must have stuck in my head.

  29. Yves Farges says:

    Science belongs in the classroom untainted by Creationist propaganda. The LSEA needs to be repealed if only for the damage the Creationists are doing to developing minds.

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  32. Kelsey says:

    I just read the story about Zack on i09. So inspirational! Young people around the States support you!

  33. Sarah-Frances says:

    Great Job! I am praying that you will be successful! I am praying that my fundamentalist brothers and sisters will recognize that separation of church and state is a NECESSITY if we are to keep our freedom to worship as we wish! We MUST protect the rights of those we disagree with if we are to keep our own and we MUST keep church and state separate. These are imperative.

  34. jordan says:

    I am disgusting by the Actions of the GOP who have Forced thru Laws which obviously show the mixing of outright Religion and Politics.Still they push thru Religious Based Bills.I am watching my Nation being Assaulted by Far Right Christian Sheep.My Nation, which I love, is going down the Tubes fast.
    I am slowly watching the Dumbing Down of My Nation and the Dysfunction of a Government.
    Full of Corruption and lies.Full of Greed and Big Money Ties.
    One thing is for sure.The GOP made the decision to bring Jesus into their Party so do not think you will ever see my Vote.
    Seeing Politicians play the Religious Card is one of the lowest most disgusting Political Moves I have seen in many Decades.

  35. Angie says:

    So impressed by your efforts! I wish you the best of luck in your battle against the legislature! Keep up the great work, you ARE making a difference just by refusing to be silenced!

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  43. another_point_of_view says:

    Great work! We as a people, need to stop what these *supposed leaders (really corrupt, personal agenda driven, and sold out leaders) are pushing. They are wrong and quite frankly should be fired. We need to teach critical thinking, we should teach to question the world around us, and we should seek discovery and truth, using facts and good clean science to back up the facts.

  44. Brian K says:

    Zack, You are an inspiring young man working on an important project! Keep up the good work and let us know how we can help you!

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