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No Sanity in Nevada

Jon Huntsman has said, “I’m not going to pander.”  When it comes to evolution and science, the Republican Presidential candidate from Utah has been straight-up and on the mark.  In August, he said, “To be clear. I believe in evolution… … Continue reading

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The Republican Primary Panderer’s Parade

Since when did Newt Gingrich become Michele Bachmann?  Last I noticed, Gingrich was shorter, heavier, and aspiring to be  the  “intellectual” of the Republican party.  And yet, his latest comments mauling evolution sound eerily Bachmann-esque. On September 29th, Gingrich mocked anyone … Continue reading

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The Texas Miracle

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been busy on the Presidential campaign trail touting his so-called “Texas Miracle,” claiming credit for job-growth in Texas that many believe is the direct result of President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (see the … Continue reading

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