75 Nobel laureate scientists call for repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act

75 Nobel laureate scientists call for repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act

For Immediate Release

Baton Rouge, LA — (March, 6, 2012) — Senator Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) has filed Senate Bill 374 to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act, Louisiana’s misnamed and misguided creationism law.

The repeal effort now has the unprecedented support of 75 Nobel laureate scientists–nearly 40% of all living Nobel laureate scientists in physics, chemistry, or physiology or medicine.  This incredible number surpasses the historic 72 Nobel laureate scientists who filed an amicus brief in opposition to Louisiana’s first creationism law during the Edwards v. Aguillard Supreme Court case.  A complete list of Nobel laureates supporting the repeal effort can be found here.

Nobel laureate chemist and supporter of the repeal effort Sir Harry Kroto says,

“One can only be amazed that [the repeal] has managed to assemble such massive support (75 Nobel laureates) for the effort to ensure that only educational material which is supported by reliable evidence is presented in the science lessons of Louisiana’s schools.”

Earlier this year the conservative Thomas Fordham Institute released a report that said Louisiana’s science standards suffer from a “devastating flaw” because of the Louisiana Science Education Act.

The report said:

“The Louisiana science standards are reasonably challenging and comprehensive, but they suffer from a devastating flaw: Thanks to the state’s 2008 Science Education Act, which promotes creationism instead of science, the standards (especially for biology and life science) are haunted by anti-science influences that threaten biology education in the state.”

“This year the Governor has asked the Louisiana legislature to focus on education,” said Senator Peterson.  “If this Legislative session is truly about improving Louisiana’s education system, then the first place to start is to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act.“


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18 Responses to 75 Nobel laureate scientists call for repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act

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  3. Des Toronto says:

    As someone who lives outside the U.S., it boggles my mind that a legislature in a modern nation like the U.S. would force religious ideas into science classrooms. No one asks you to abandon your religious faith, but corrupting the teaching of science, which is based on empirical evidence, testing, peer review, and the community of scientists, is beyond the pale. I’m sorry, but the rest of the world shakes its head and sniggers at you as hopeless yokels.

    • Desmond McGoldrick says:

      Well said!

    • LWM says:

      Aaaargh!!! Please don’t bundle us all in with these whackos. There are a good number of people here who despise these bills as much as our foreign intellectuals and are fighting the good fight to guarantee our science standards don’t keep dropping. It’s embarrassing enough we have to deal with them ourselves.

    • charles carlton says:

      @Des: Yeah, we sit here in Portland OR, and wonder the same thing. Nut-jobs everywhere, what can you do…OH, yeah! Educate the populous, Please!

  4. catherine joshi says:

    I is just mind boggling to realise that such a repeal is still necessary. In the most powerful country in the world? In a country with vast technological and scientific resources, and human resources in the form of intelligent people who have achieved so much?!!!! ! ! ! . . . .

  5. John Rigler says:

    It only takes a very tiny group of dedicated creationists to push and push and push and eventually get this stuff through. It also takes a huge mass of people who simply don’t know or care what is going on. I left Louisiana as soon as I could because I believed that it was a poor and corrupt state.

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  8. Forest says:

    More scientists need to take a public stand, to offer fact-based evidence, to explain what the term theory means in science and to push for decisions based in critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and civil debate. Take away two generations of public education and we could be in the dark ages with all the horrors they entailed

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  12. Gary says:

    Zack, just caught you appearance before the so-called “Education Committee”. Those “gentlemen” (cough… cough…) wouldn’t know education if it came up and bit them in the keister. I know how hard it is to keep smacking against the sheer wall of stupidity that you’re working against. To you, to Ms. Reaves, and to the rest, well done!

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