New Rule: Presidential Candidates Should Not Make Stuff Up.

New Rule: Presidential Candidates Should Not Makes Stuff Up.

I’m channeling Bill Maher and I have a New Rule:

Presidential candidates should not make stuff up.

This rule is inspired by presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.  She likes to make stuff up.  Now that she is in the running for leader of the free world, she should stop.

In 2006, she claimed, “there is a controversy among scientists about whether evolution is a fact… hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel prizes, believe in intelligent design.”

Intelligent design is another name for creationism.  Teaching these interchangeable theories in public school science classrooms was found unconstitutional in the 2005 Dover vs. Kitzmiller case because neither is science.

I’m an 18 year old from Louisiana, and I’ve been leading the campaign to repeal my state’s creationism law, the misnamed and misguided Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) because it denies kids the good science education they deserve.

Louisiana’s law is similar to a creationism bill, SF 1714, that Michele Bachmann authored in 2004 while she was in the Minnesota State Senate.

I know Michele Bachmann’s “controversy” about evolution is as fictional as her Nobel Laureates.

There is no controversy among scientists over evolution.  Our effort to repeal the LSEA has been endorsed by major science and educator organizations, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which contains over 10 million scientists.

Even more significant, our repeal effort is backed by 44 Nobel Laureate scientists.

Where are your Nobels Michelle Bachmann?

You have a fake controversy and made up Nobel Laureates!

Your ongoing misrepresentation of science and scientists at a national level gives false authority to the lobbyists and politicians in my state who have an agenda to undermine evidence-based science.  Your imaginary Nobel Laureate scientists have given those lobbyists a powerful argument from a prominent voice.  You help them keep their harmful creationism law in place and keep students in my home state of Louisiana from getting the good education and good jobs we need.

MIchele Bachmann, please stop making stuff up.

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8 Responses to New Rule: Presidential Candidates Should Not Make Stuff Up.

  1. Mike Cohen says:

    Find even *ONE* REPUTABLE scientist who believes in unintelligent design and *ONE* with NO connection to fossil fuel companies who doesn’t believe global warming is real and man-made.

  2. tilottoma bosu says:

    although i do agree with you ; i also believe that people should be allowed to hold on to their personal views… what they shouldn’t do is try and impose them on others. So if michelle Bachmann seriously believes in ‘intelligent design’- great! as long as she keeps her views to herself and doesn’t try to turn the rest of the population into believers.

  3. Unlike religion, there is only one science, and that science is based on FACT. Whether we accept them or not, FACTS are found via the scientific method, are real, are the truth, and are not based upon opinion. Anything else is garbage some moron made up for their own self-serving reasons.

  4. All the technology you enjoy today came about because of the scientific mindset by actively seeking answers to how the world really works (FACTS), and using that information to solve problems. Not praying to fantasies. If you are a religious person, and you don’t live like a caveman, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. Reality is not Burger King where you have it “your way.” You cannot sit in front of your HD wireless powered 52 inch TV watching Avatar, and object to scientifically proven FACTS like evolution.

    • Richard Smart says:

      I will cast my one vote for anyone who believes in Scientific Facts. Evolution is not a “theory” but is based on many scientific discoveries.

  5. Bob S. says:

    While I’m wholeheartedly on board with your campaign, and impressed with the manner in which you present yourself, I’d urge you to be careful about falling into the trap of hyperbolic assertions which is the trademark of many of the folks whose policies you oppose.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells me that the civilian labor force is something on the order of 155 million. I believe that the American Association for the Advancement of Science is a fine organization, but even if only half of their 10 million members were from the U.S. (I suspect it’s much more) it strains credulity to suppose that more than 3% of the U.S. workforce is composed of people who could reasonably be considered “scientists”.

    • Zack Kopplin says:

      I’m not sure what your point is. They have 10 million members, that simply is an overwhelming number of scientists.

  6. Wendi says:

    I agree with what you’re saying… there’s no substitute for education based on fact and intelligent design is probably not a fact yet…

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