Support for the Repeal is Growing!

Following an April 28th rally at the Louisiana State Capitol announcing support from over 40 Nobel Laureates, the effort to repeal Louisiana’s creationism act has been surging.

  • Last week the New Orleans City Council Council voted unanimously to endorse the repeal bill, SB 70, by Senator Karen Carter Peterson.
  • And this week, the repeal effort is Change.Org’s featured petition, having already garnered 55,000 signatures.
  • The repeal has also been endorsed by The Clergy Letter Project, an organization of over 13,000 clergy members who affirm their support for teaching evolution.
  • The repeal was called “remarkable” by the Joint Baptist Committee, and also gained support from Rev. Welton Gaddy, a Baptist minister from Monroe, Louisiana who is President of the Interfaith Alliance.
  • Seven more prominent scientists have endorsed the repeal (including Dr. Francisco Ayala, and John Sulston, the 43rd Nobel Laureate) and Paul Gross and Lawrence Lerner issued statements in support of the repeal.


On May, 5, the City of New Orleans overwhelmingly endorsed Senator Peterson’s SB 70 to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act.  The New Orleans City Council voted 6-0 in favor of the repeal.  The Council members’ strongly supported the repeal (Watch here at 2:58, Item 60).

Hundreds of students and professors from around the state have signed petitions and resolutions in support of the repeal.

Other national science organization who have endorsed the repeal include:

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4 Responses to Support for the Repeal is Growing!

  1. Rick says:

    I was born in Baton Rouge, LA. I have always been proud of that. Now, not so much. To all you people who believe in Creationism, you are a small, small minority of Christians. You also have to believe God lies. Go out look at Andromeda with a pair of binoculars. It is 2M light years a way. That the number of years it takes for the light to get here. It is well measured. It is well understood. If astrophysists are wrong about so many things, well, the two nuclear devices we exploded in Japan never happened. You can’t build Fatman and Little Boy is our fundemental knowledge of physics does not give us the correct distance to Andromeda. Our understanding of light, gravity, and atoms are interlocked. So either Dr. John Lightfoot; a 17th century Anglican clergyman and imperfect human who was seeking his fortune in the USA; misinterpreted the meaning of God’s Word; or God lies. I vote for God.

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  4. Kathy says:

    I know 3 different veterinarians who “changed horses” in the middle of the stream, so to speak, about their beliefs about origins/life. None of them have had any crisis of science or practice for having ditched belief in evolution. Nothing of what is necessary for the knowledge of and practice of veterinary medicine is dependent upon a belief in evolution. So rest assured, the sister who wants to be a vet will be adequately educated without evolutionary theory. And, so far, she is not likely to be fired, denied a license to practice, or have her degree rescinded should she succumb to creation theory. So far, that only happens in biology, biochemistry, physics, astronomy, paleontology and the occasional mathematical fields. I’m sure I’ve left some out – check out The Criterion, by Dr. Jerry Bergman. It’s an older book, which I’m sure could be updated with current examples.

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