LABE endorses the repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act

LABE endorses the repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act

The Louisiana Association of Biology Educators joins their parent organization, the National Association of Biology Teachers, in endorsing the effort to repeal the misnamed Louisiana Science Education Act.  LABE opposed the passage of this Act and we wholeheartedly support the effort to repeal it.  The Science Education Act may confuse students about the nature of science and will allow the introduction of non-science into the science classroom.  We support Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Zack Kopplin, and the Louisiana Coalition for Science in their efforts to repeal this act through the introduction of Senate Bill 70 for the 2011 Louisiana legislative session to repeal the LSEA.   We encourage the Louisiana legislature to leave the teaching of science to the well prepared, certified, knowledgeable science teachers in Louisiana, under the supervision of the Louisiana Department of Education, using the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum and the Louisiana Standards for guidance.

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2 Responses to LABE endorses the repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act

  1. Andrea says:

    You are wrong. There are a multitude of resources that inform us that creationism is in fact real. Perhaps you have a problem with it because you feel it’s religiously based but I can tell you that the scientific theories have so many holes in them that can only be explained by the fact that the world was created. Scientists and other intelligent professionals try to explain and account for everything with evidence of scientific proof and then years pass and we find out that there was a mistake made in the research or an assumption made to support the hypothesis and that assumption was only made so that they may be able to progress in their scientific theory. God is real. He did create the world. No real scientist in the world can tell you with 100% accuracy and proof that they can account for all natural phenomena without ‘fluffing.’ That ‘fluff’ happens because they are trying to scientifically explain something that is divine.

    • Zack Kopplin says:

      Actually, there is no scientific evidence for creationism. It is a religious explanation for science, therefore it does not belong in public school science classrooms. Also, evolution can co-exist with religious belief. The Clergy Letter Project is a supporter of the repeal and we’re supported by Rev. Welton Gaddy, a Baptist minister from Monroe, Louisiana, and president of the national organization, Interfaith Alliance.

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