The NABT Endorses the Repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act

The National Association of Biology Teachers formally endorsed the repeal effort in their March 17th edition News and Views.  Their endorsement can be viewed below.

NABT Endorses Repeal Of Louisiana Science Education Act

The National Association of Biology Teachers fully endorses the campaign to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act. The National Association of Biology Teachers joined other individuals and organizations to oppose the passage of this legislation on the grounds that it intentionally utilized language that clearly allows non-scientific explanations for topics such as evolution, the origins of life, and climate change, to be introduced into the classroom as science.

The National Association of Biology Teachers affirms that teaching biology must be in a standards-based instructional framework, upholding scientific integrity and the right to teach accurate and current science without penalty of political or religious influences on content. The Louisiana Science Education Act can and does confuse students about the true nature of science by allowing classroom materials to bypass approval from the state’s science education standards committees for use in the classroom.

Students are best served when scientific integrity is maintained in the science classroom. As an organization dedicated to biology education, we are honored to join the effort to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act.

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3 Responses to The NABT Endorses the Repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act

  1. Steve Just says:

    Let’s hope that the NABT prevails here. Unfortunately, there is an entire sub-culture of individuals coming up through home schooling and Christian colleges ending up in powerful political positions. Claims like those of Congressman John Shimkus, who quotes Genesis as the reason to doubt climate change, are bound to increase unless this issue is addressed at the primary and secondary education levels.

  2. Steve Wiseman says:

    Steve, I was wondering what happened. How did the American people get to living so much by ideology rather than science and/or faith. Then I read your post. I can see where a generation of home schooled persons coming of age and coming to take places in offices of power . . . It is really quite frightening. I’ve never liked the idea of home or private schooling, though I have lived in a few communities where I felt public schools simply were not safe (I will add that these were leading members of the community had taken their children out of public schools, so no body cared about the public schools any more). It really does seem absurd that truth about physical reality, (evolution, global warming) could be determined by ideology, or by voting, or by public opinion. Science is not religion, and it cannot answer religious questions. However, religion is not science, and it cannot answer scientific questions. Religion is an important area of human activity . . . it helps make us human. But science is science, and it seeks to learn (tenatively) the nature of physical reality. I may pray for healing, but I want the medicines science has discovered more than prayers for a serious disease. The so-called “theory” of evolution is as certain as the “theory” of atoms, or the “theory” of gravity. We have more to learn about all of them, and all we know is to some degree tentative, but we know enough to consider them all fact in practice.

  3. Steve Wiseman says:

    I think that one of the saddest things about this is the many of the politicians really don’t care that much about the issue . . . in fact, I would bet that many who support anti-evolution legislation actually believe in evolution. BUT it is politically expedient be against evolution. Evolution is a hot-button issue for many people. Tell them you are against it and your opponent is for it, they will be with you. I see this and a few other issues as a tool of power brokers to manipulate the masses. In reality, science is not a political issue, or rather, it shouldn’t be.

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