Alchemy Should Not be Taught, Neither Should Creationism

Creationists often ask for fair time for the teaching of creationism or intelligent design.   We would never allow equal time for the geocentric with the heliocentric universe? Why should we allow equal time for creationism.

To put this law in perspective, it allows the equivalent to:

  • Teaching Astrology in Astronomy classes.
  • Teaching Alchemy in Chemistry class.
  • Teaching that light traveled through ether in Physics.
  • Teaching Classic Elemental Theory in Chemistry.
  • Teaching that the Holocaust did not happen in History.
  • Teaching the Earth is flat in Physical Science.
  • Teaching Spontaneous Generation in Biology.
  • Teaching the Geocentric universe in Astronomy.

Most people will be unfamiliar with many of the comparisons I listed because they are not taught anymore.  They are pseudoscience just like creationism which should not be snuck into public school biology classes.  Teaching creationism is also the equivalent of teaching students 2+2=5.

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